Urban Arboriculture was founded on the need for trees and people to try and live in harmony.

Due to our ever more urban environment, that can be a challenge as space and light is at a premium. But trees can be maintained so you can try and achieve that balance.

But with the understanding that sometimes that just isn’t possible.

We pride ourselves on our ability to manage and maintain trees, taking into account what you the client needs and what is best for the longevity, health and appearance of your trees.

Urban Arboriculture was started after moving out of Brighton when I got married.

Having worked in the industry for well over a decade, as a free lancer with multiple firms all over the south coast.

The desire to get out of the city and start a family brought us to Lindfield.

Over the years I’ve been involved in all sorts of tree work, large scale planting, forestry, pruning orchards, dismantling trees with cranes, working from large MEWPS, working for the likes of EDF, national grid, southern water, Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons, local authorities, parish councils, schools, hotels, housing and letting agents, even a few celebrities.

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