Removal of branches to allow more light through.

Some trees have very dense canopies which can block some or even any light from getting through.

In our urban environment this can cause all sorts of issues like your plants, flowers and grass dying. Trees can cause bitter disputes between neighbours, using more electricity as you can’t get as much natural light into your home. Even shading your patio whilst you have a BBQ.

Crown thinning is an excellent way to remedy lack of light to both your home, your garden and to your neighbours.

When we thin the crown of a tree we selectively remove branches in such a way as to allow more light penetration. Our goal is to effectively thin the entire tree canopy in an even way. Which will allow pockets of sun light through the tree.

Crown thinning doesn’t change the shape, height or spread of the tree. But we can also preform a crown reduction to allow even more light due to a smaller crown.

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