Tree Felling &
Aerial Dismantling

Removal of a tree.

Sometimes trees just aren’t in the right place in our urban environment and no amount of management can change that. There are also times when trees naturally come to the end of their life, be it due to age or ill health or disease.

The only real option is to remove the tree.

Using our specialist equipment and our years of experience we can safely, precisely, and quickly remove any tree wherever it is situated to ground level.

We can fell whole trees in one piece if space allows us to. But often the urban environment means there just isn’t the space to do so, often there are fragile structures in the way, such as patios, or fences. Even using winches, ropes and precise cuts sometimes it’s just not worth the risk.

We specialise in climbing trees, it’s what we love to do. We can perform an aerial dismantle, where we use our array of tools to safely remove the tree. Using rigging techniques with ropes and other devices, we can remove most trees over and around obstacles without causing damage. Each part of the tree will be expertly lowered to the ground.

If a tree is of sufficient size and location as to make this not cost effective we also have the ability to use a crane to remove the tree.


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