A crown reduction is in essence making the tree smaller.

In our urban environment trees can block out your light, shade your garden, even touch your buildings or just be too big for their surroundings. A crown reduction is an excellent way to retain trees but receive the benefits of a smaller tree, that still looks good.

The crown is the leafy canopy of the tree, the trunk is the main stem which all the branches originate from.

We selectively reduce branches in length, this affects both the height and the width of the crown. So your tree will have less spread and be shorter.

How we achieve this is using a method called drop crotching. By finding smaller, shorter growth and removing longer and larger branches we retain a more natural shape. We can use this technique on any size tree.

Crown reductions can also reduce the sail effect of trees. The crown on a tree acts like a large sail on a ship would, catching a lot of wind. Most trees have no problems dealing with this, but if a tree has structural defects or is suffering from ill health it may become susceptible to the forces of the wind. Leading to branch or even whole tree failure.

A crown reduction on these kids of trees can be a way of managing the risk.

Some trees shouldn’t be cut at certain times of the year. We can advise you on the correct season to prune and the ideal amount to prune.

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