Aerial Inspections

& Removal of Deadwood

Carry out a visual inspection of a tree in terms of safety, identifying any dangerous defects also removing large unsafe pieces of dead wood.

Trees can suffer with all sorts of problems, structural issues commonly arise, sometimes its best to get up there and take a look as it can be difficult to determine the real extent of any problems from the ground. We can go see what’s happening, then recommend the best course of action and put your mind at ease.

Trees produce deadwood, it is a natural part of their lives. Dead wood provides amazing ecological benefits. That’s great in a woodland or when it’s out of the way but when it’s hanging over regularly populated areas it’s best to remove it or cordon off the area to avoid the chances of someone or something being hit.

We can inspect and recommend works as well as remove deadwood greatly reducing risk and your legal liability as a tree owner.

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